Easy Exercises To Firm Up Breasts

Easy Exercises To Firm Up Breasts

Let’s face it, no one like saggy breasts. Saggy breasts could be a result from pregnancy, occur after you put on weight, hormone fluctuations, aging, or just be unlucky. And they are not just limited with ladies with a large bust. Even small busts can be affected. But what many don’t know is that we can actually do something about it. Yep, we can actually make our breasts lift and make them firmer. And I’m not talking about surgery or any crazy pills you need to take. There are actually several simple exercises we can do to lift and firm our breasts. But remember to combine these with healthy foods which are going to promote skin elasticiy and give you all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. So what are they?

Wear A Supportive Sports Bra

Well before we get into specific exercises, while exercising, make sure you are wearing supportive and comfortable sports bras. This should help curb further damage to breasts. Wear a bra with underwire support and thick straps.

Sleep On Your Back

Another great tip is to sleep on your back. This will help prevent breasts from stretching more and also avoids the situation where one breast is stretched more than the other. Some people favor to sleep on one side and because of this, one breast can stretch more.


Ok, so now that we have the other supporting changes out of the way, the first exercise we can start with is pushups. Pushups is a great way to firm up your breasts. If you can’t do a full pushup, start with using your knees instead of your feet. This will make it easier for you until you can do a full pushup on your feet.

Chest Fly

Another great exercise are chest fly’s. So lay on your back and use hand weights to push them in the air. This exercise is similar to a push up except you are laying on your back and using the weight of the weights rather than your body weight. And with Chest Fly’s, you can actually increase the weight if the exercise is getting too easy for you.

Use TRX Bands

Another option is to use TRX bands. Make sure to keep your upper arms close to your body and do a bicep curl. Then open and lift your arms to the sides for chest fly and presses. Make sure to lean forward. Then repeat.