Running With Your Baby

Running is a sport, a hobby, and a form of exercise beloved by countless people. And it is a great way to lose those unwanted post pregnancy pounds. Running with a stroller is fun and is a great way to get outside. But don’t overdo it. Whether you love running through fall foliage, or along the shores of the sunny beach, or hitting the pavement at an annual marathon, there are so many ways in which running is beneficial for the body, the mind, and the spirit. And, as a simple activity, nearly anyone is suited for it. However, for all of its wonderful positives, running can pose problems for its most dedicated fans. Too much running can become a bad habit – and it can have damaging effects on the body and your health. Here are some of running’s most prominent negative impacts.

Knee Pain and Injury

Running puts pressure and impact on so many different areas of the body: the feet, the ankles, the shins, the knees, the thighs, and an endless list of other areas. However, the knee pain and problems that running can cause are an incredibly sore spot for many long-term runners. Poorly fit, or aged and worn running shoes can cause misalignment of the knee cap, resulting in pain – but perhaps even worse, regular running damages the knee as it strengthens your muscles. As your thigh muscles become stronger, the quadriceps begin pulling the patella out of place because the leg muscles are imbalanced.

An Enlarged Heart

Cardio may be known as the heart-healthy way to exercise and get your blood pumping, but too much running isn’t the best choice for your heart. Although running does help the heart work hard, it can damage the right ventricle when enjoyed too often. According to medical researchers who studied athletes training for endurance running, damage was found in the heart immediately after the running took place. The runners’ hearts were enlarged, and the right ventricle in each athlete was functioned at a decreased level.

Damaged Skin Tissue

There’s a lot of movement throughout the entire body when running takes place: tissue jiggles, bounces, and shifts as your legs and arms rise and fall. For women, all of these quick and impactful movements can be damaging. When walking at an average pace, women’s breasts move equally, shifting about 33 percent in every direction – in and out, up and down, and side to side. When running, the movement becomes increased and more dramatic, as the breasts move in those same varied directions up to 51 percent. Over a prolonged running career, that movement breaks down and overstretches the fragile ligaments in breast tissue. Fight this off by ensuring you wear proper support whenever you run.

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Common Occurrences After Giving Birth

One of the greatest pleasures in life is raising a family and the birth of your first child. But it’s not all roses. Many new parents (mainly mothers) also have some struggles to deal with after the birth of a child. Not many of these are often talked about but it is ok to suffer from any of the below common occurrences after giving birth. So let’s get into it.

Postnatal Depression

This is one that not many want to talk about or hide from their partner, family, and friends. If you are suffering from any sort of depression after giving birth, it is so important to reach out to those who you love. Getting help is the first step to overcoming postnatal depression. The worst thing you can do is to try and deal with it all by yourself. This is pretty common and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Stretch Marks

It is super common to suffer from stretch marks after giving birth. Stretch marks can occur from a range of things such as puberty, quick weight gain, rapid muscle gain and of course pregnancy. Sometimes these stretch marks disappear naturally and pretty quickly. However, there are those who suffer from severe stretch marks which won’t go away without some sort of stretch mark remedy.

Constant Sweating

In the weeks after giving birth, you may notice that you sweat a lot more than usual. Especially at night. In most cases this is perfectly normal as your body is trying to dispel some of the water that you retained during your pregnancy. Also in the first week after the birth, you may also notice that you will be urinating more than usual too. If this sweating is accompanied with a fever, you should go and see your doctor as you may have an infection or other issue.


Especially in the case of a caesarian, you will experience a lot of pain. You should be given pain killers and not be allowed to drive for around 6 weeks. Make sure you follow the instructions of your doctor carefully here, don’t try and lift any more than is recommended or drive. If you are involved in an accident during this time period, your car insurance will not cover any damages. Again, follow your doctor’s advice.

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Top Supplements To Keep You Looking Great

Stress, pollution, weather and other elements may be contributing factors in taking away the lustre from your skin. To combat the undesirable outcomes of these causes, you need to go beyond washing your skin only with soap and water.

How fortunate is today’s generation that with the many researches and studies produced over the years, there are good alternatives that can enable us to bring back our skin’s youthful glow and maintain such look. These supplements are intended to develop the skin’s complexion, but it is necessary to control its intake to avoid its side effects on the body.


Different vitamins help in making skin look more beautiful. Vitamins A, B Complex, C, E, and K are found to have beneficial qualities to the skin.

Vitamin A is needed to repair damaged skin tissues and maintain its healthy condition. It controls acne production and reduces fine line and wrinkles. Vitamin B Complex, such as niacin amide, or B3, and biotin, are good sources of nutrients in retaining moisture and combating inflammation. Niacin hydrate cells and soothes irritated skin.

As an antioxidant, Vitamin C fights acne, makes the skin firm and repairs its complexion by eliminating brown spots. Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that protects skin cells from free radicals. It makes the skin pliant and young-looking. Recent studies revealed that Vitamin K lessens dark circles under the eye and bruise marks.

A combination of the various Vitamins can also diminish wrinkles and boost the skin’s immune system.


Free radicals often lead to wrinkles and inflammation of the skin. To counter this, dermatologists suggest the use of Omega-3 which helps produce hormones that smooth skin and make it supple. It is also good for those with dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.


If you have acne, zinc is a good supplement to aid workouts and skin to heal. It diminishes skin redness and inflammation and suppresses the body’s production of oil.


Selenium is a mineral that prevents burning of the skin as a result of direct exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. It is also recommended to help prevent skin cancer.

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Post Pregnancy Exercises

The fact is, our bodies change after giving birth. One of the things that change most is the size and shape of your breasts. Breasts will not remain perky forever. They will sag over time as the skin loses elasticity. Whether we like it or not, this is part of one’s aging process. If this idea bothers you, you can still firm it up surgically or not. It’s up to you. But if you want perkier breasts, you can do the following exercises.

Push Ups

Push ups are great in developing your chest and upper body. It doesn’t shape the breast tissue nor will it directly affect your breasts however, this exercise is perfect for toning muscles that are located behind your breasts. You can do the push ups with your feet on the ground or with your feet elevated on a bench or a chair.

Resistance Training

Doing push ups is not enough but if done with together with other activities like resistance training, you should get better results. You can do bench presses, inclined bench press, dumbbell flyes, inclined dumbbell flyes, chest dips and cable cross-ups. All you need to do is head on to the nearest gym and work with a professional trainer.

It doesn’t follow that if you lift heavy weights, you will be fat and bulgy. If resistance training is done together with a fat-loss diet, this will only develop your strength and fitness but it will not give you bulk. Do not be afraid.

A woman’s breasts change through time. Because of hormonal changes like pregnancy, weight or lifestyle changes it can either increase or decrease in size. Keep your weight stable. Losing too much weight can also cause it to sag. Use moisturizer. Maintain a good posture and exercise regularly. Accept the fact that no amount of cream or vitamins can bring it back to its original state. If they continue to go down south, you can always buy a good fitting push up bra to keep it perky no matter what you wear.

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Easy Exercises To Firm Up Breasts

Let’s face it, no one like saggy breasts. Saggy breasts could be a result from pregnancy, occur after you put on weight, hormone fluctuations, aging, or just be unlucky. And they are not just limited with ladies with a large bust. Even small busts can be affected. But what many don’t know is that we can actually do something about it. Yep, we can actually make our breasts lift and make them firmer. And I’m not talking about surgery or any crazy pills you need to take. There are actually several simple exercises we can do to lift and firm our breasts. But remember to combine these with healthy foods which are going to promote skin elasticiy and give you all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. So what are they?

Wear A Supportive Sports Bra

Well before we get into specific exercises, while exercising, make sure you are wearing supportive and comfortable sports bras. This should help curb further damage to breasts. Wear a bra with underwire support and thick straps.

Sleep On Your Back

Another great tip is to sleep on your back. This will help prevent breasts from stretching more and also avoids the situation where one breast is stretched more than the other. Some people favor to sleep on one side and because of this, one breast can stretch more.


Ok, so now that we have the other supporting changes out of the way, the first exercise we can start with is pushups. Pushups is a great way to firm up your breasts. If you can’t do a full pushup, start with using your knees instead of your feet. This will make it easier for you until you can do a full pushup on your feet.

Chest Fly

Another great exercise are chest fly’s. So lay on your back and use hand weights to push them in the air. This exercise is similar to a push up except you are laying on your back and using the weight of the weights rather than your body weight. And with Chest Fly’s, you can actually increase the weight if the exercise is getting too easy for you.

Use TRX Bands

Another option is to use TRX bands. Make sure to keep your upper arms close to your body and do a bicep curl. Then open and lift your arms to the sides for chest fly and presses. Make sure to lean forward. Then repeat.

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A Little About Us

We just wanted to spend some time for you to get to know us before you start diving into our useful and entertaining site.

My name is Tomantra and my friend Tiffany (TOT) and I created this site to share some of our experiences with parenting and baby products. Such as prams. I have two kids and Sam has three, so I think that we are qualified to make suggestions and tips to help make your live easier and more pleasurable. And hopefully help you avoid making some of the mistakes that we made.

We have so much information to share with our readers. So many things that we have learned and so many laughs (or cries) from our time as parents.

We have found that not only parenting books are useful, but these days there are also a lot of great apps out there for parents to make our lives easier. There are so many tools we can use as parents to make our lives easier. Even all the products we now buy such as car seats which detach and click into a pram to stimulating games for our kids which will actually help them learn and have fun at the same time.

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